Natural Aphrodisiacs for Women - How to Increase Your Libido Naturally

5 Natural Aphrodisiacs for Women – How to Boost Libido Naturally

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We can all use a little help to get back in the mood every now and then. Whether it is stress, fatigue, medication, kids… libido can get very complicated. These Natural Aphrodisiacs for Women will help get you in the mood for whatever season you’re in. But first, a little bit about libido and why you might be lacking it.

What is a libido?

A libido, or sex drive, is basically your desire to engage in sexual activity. It is what you feel when your are “In the mood”, and it changes from person to person. Some people naturally have a stronger sex drive than others. There is no set “normal” libido, and it can fluctuate due to a person’s hormones, emotions, life experiences, and physical health.

Causes of Low Libido in Women

Figuring out low libido in women, or low sex drive, can be a complicated process. A low libido can be caused by many things, or even a combination of things. Some of the top reasons for low libido in women are:

  1. Hormonal Causes – Your hormones play a huge role in sex drive. A low sex drive could mean your estrogen is low or you may have a hormonal imbalance. Speak with a doctor about a potential hormone imbalance, and they’ll most likely prescribe blood work to test your sex hormone levels. Based on your hormone levels, they might recommend medication, supplements, or changes in diet and lifestyle to balance your hormones. There are also at-home hormone tests you can order, so you’re better prepared to speak to your doctor about a hormone imbalance. Modern Fertility is a great place to start with at home testing. CLICK HERE for $10 off your first Modern Fertility order. You can read my post on Modern Fertility HERE.
  2. Psychological Causes – I think this is the most common reason for a low sex drive. STRESS! We’ve all been there. Sometimes you just have too much on your mind to get in the mood. Low-body image, low self-esteem, or trauma can all play a role in sex drive as well. Any psychological issues can be addressed with a licensed Psychologist or Counselor to help you get to a better space mentally.  There are a lot of options out there that are less expensive or even free. There are a lot of resources about finding mental health services here:
  3. Physical Causes – Low sex drive can be caused by physical issues, too. Fatigue, certain medications (i.e. birth control, antidepressants, etc.), lifestyle choices, and other outside influences can all be cause for low libido.

All in all, a low libido in women can be caused by many factors, and can be very frustrating to figure out. The best place to start would be your doctor. Your doctor will work with you to help get your sex drive back. Whether they recommend therapy, addressing a physical issue, or even recommending medication or supplements – at least you’ll be on your way to feeling like yourself again (and you’re partner will thank you!)

Once again, always speak to your doctor before trying any supplements to ensure they are the right one for you. And, please do not take any of these if you are pregnant or actively trying to get pregnant. But, I have done my research and below are the my favorite natural aphrodisiacs to get you in the mood.

Top 5 Natural Aphrodisiacs for Women


Red Ginseng, has long been used in Chinese Medicine to cure all kinds of ailments and assist in general wellness. It is one of the many herbs that in clinical studies, has proven to increase sex drive in women and men. Mayo Clinic says Ginseng is typically safe to supplement, but it can cause sleeplessness and insomnia. Other benefits of Ginseng include, immune support, blood sugar regulation, energy, and according to some studies Ginseng can improve focus and concentration. *Please ask your doctor before starting Ginseng, especially if you have diabetes or bleeding problems.


Reviews are mixed on whether or not Maca is as impressive as an aphrodisiac as once thought. However, many people are finding the hormone balancing effects of Maca to greatly improve womens libido. There is also evidence that Maca can improve anti-depressant induced low libido in women. *Due to the strong hormonal effects, if you have any of these conditions you absolutely should not take maca without consulting your doctor first.

  • Breast, uterine, or ovarian cancer
  • Endometriosis
  • Uterine fibroids


Saffron is known to be a natural mood-booster and stress-buster. It increases serotonin levels, which should improve stress or mood related issues including low sex drive. It has also shown to reduce symptoms of PMS and increase arousal and lubrication in women. Other benefits of saffron include antioxidant properties that improve inflammation, protect cells from damage, and even help protect brain cells from damage. *Very low doses of saffron are best, and do not take saffron while pregnant or breastfeeding.


Cacao is considered nature’s “love drug” due it’s ability to release dopamine. It also contains a high amount of magnesium, which is naturally calming, and arginines that are proven to boost libido. Cacao is great because it is very easy to get, and tastes just like chocolate when added to food and drinks. Cacao boosts mood by releasing both dopamine and serotonin, also known as your “feel good” neurotransmitters. Overall, cacao is considered a “sex drive superfood”, so next time you reach for chocolate make sure its dark chocolate!


Shatavari is an adaptogenic herb with many benefits to women. First it is a natural hormone balancer and soothes symptoms of PMS and Menopause. If a hormone imbalance is to blame for low libido, Shatavari should help with that. It also has anti-anxiety and antidepressant effects, which help emotionally low libido. And, Shatavari can also increase blood flow, boost energy levels, and improve vaginal dryness! It is very strong in antioxidents, and also has anti-aging benefits. If you are allergic to asparagus, do not consume shatavari, but other than that it has very few side effects.

There are obviously many other natural aphrodisiacs for women, but the ones I listed above seem to be the most popular and combined in many all-in-one libido supplements for women.

All-in-One Libido Supplements for Women

These supplements can get very pricey, but they have amazing reviews that range from increased libido, heightened arousal, better mood and more! They each include multiple aphrodisiacs for women that I listed above.

  1. Moon Juice Sex Dust – includes Cacao, Maca, Shatavari
  2. goop Wellness DTF – Saffron, Fenugreek, Shatavari
  3. rae In the Mood – includes Maca, Ginseng
  4. Elm & Rye’s Performance Enhancer Gummies – Ginseng, Maca

Whatever you choose to do to increase libido, always talk to a doctor first. I would avoid all adaptogens in general if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, but talk to your doctor. But, enjoy trying these natural aphrodisiacs for women! I think the most important thing you can do for libido is get enough sleep, find a great stress-reliever, and keep the spark alive in your relationship by being open to trying new things! Good luck, and enjoy!;)

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