The Best Products to Heal a C Section Scar

C Section Scar Recovery – How to Heal and Care for Your C Section Incision

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When you get the first glimpse of your c-section scar, it can look pretty scary. You will either have surgical glue holding it together or you may have stitches. Although it looks terrifying, feels worse, and seems like it may never heal or look decent ever again, it will AMAZE you at how different your scar looks in a year. Just trust me! After my first c-section delivery, I had a red, lumpy scar that was numb to the touch. I was horrified, and thought my body would never look the same. The numbness persisted, which is normal, but by the end of the first year of recovery you could barely see my scar at all. And, after almost three years, I couldn’t even find my scar!

My second c-section I was determined to have the same results, but also try to heal some of the numbness left behind. I used the same products that I used with my first delivery, but added in a few to optimize my c-section scar healing time. To find out how to prepare for a c-section, check out my post on C-Section Prep HERE, and find what I use to keep comfortable after my c-section HERE. Here are my c-section scar basics (that will also work wonders on any scar!):

*Before using any of these products, check with your doctor first to ensure your body is ready. If your scar is split open, oozing, or has an odor, please check with a doctor immediately, as these can be signs of infection.*

Scar Minimizing Products

  1. Mederma Scar Gel – As soon as the surgical glue can be removed (typically after your two week postpartum check up), start using Mederma Scar Gel. I used it for my first c-section. Like I said, I couldn’t even find my scar after a couple years. Use it once a day on your scar until you use one whole tube.
  2. Silicone Scar Sheets – These silicone sheets are new to me this second time around, but they help the scar recover, as well as the tissue around the scar. My dermatologist recommended them. They work great with the added bonus of keeping your scar more comfortable as it heals.

Scar Comfort

  1. C-section Underwear – These will help keep your scar comfortable, so it can heal.
  2. Postpartum Compression Leggings – Compression feels good on your scar. These leggings are great for maternity and postpartum.

Solutions for Scars that Help Heal the Scar AND Surrounding Tissue

Many doctors recommend waiting 12 weeks before beginning Tissue Desensitization and Scar Mobilization Techniques. Ask your doctor at your first postpartum check-up when they recommend beginning this.

Scar Mobilization

  1. My second c-section scar has had a lot of lumps and bumps in it. Scars have roots (especially scars on top of scars). So, in order for a scar to heal properly and stay smooth, it is important to break up these roots so the tissue can lay flat. THIS MASSAGE TECHNIQUE from the girls at Expecting and Empowered has helped break up the side of my scar that still feels tight and connected. Expecting and Empowered also offers a postpartum workout program specifically for c-section mamas. Use Code FERTILITYFOODS to save on your postpartum workout program. Click HERE for more info.
  2. Silicone Cupping Therapy Set and Cocoa Butter – If you buy anything at all for scar mobilization, this should be it! There is some attachment on one side of my scar, so there is a large lump above it. It was hard for me to massage the area with my fingers. I couldn’t really get under the skin or lift it up in any way. These little silicone cups have made c-section scar mobilization SO EASY! Just cover the entire area with Cocoa Butter, then squeeze the cup and press it to your skin to attach it. Then simply slide it around and over your scar in various directions to lift and mobilize the tissue. You get the added benefit of cocoa butter’s scar healing properties, plus it smells great! These silicone cups are useful anywhere on the body for scar mobilization as well as cellulite treatment!
  3. Collagen Peptides – Drinking Collagen Peptides could help with scar healing. The amino acids in Collagen Peptides can help minimize the appearance of scars in the long run. Also, collagen supplements help to promote healthy tissue formation, which speeds up the healing process.

Tissue Desensitization

  1. As soon as you can stand it, start doing desensitization exercises. These help to rebuild the nerve endings and regain feeling in the area. I learned THIS TECHNIQUE from the girls at Expecting and Empowered, and I truly believe I am going to get rid of a lot of the numbness I encountered after my first c-section. It is easy to find 5 different materials at the fabric store. Just store them in a baggy and use them everyday!

My scar is still healing after 5 months. I know it is well on its way to making a full recovery with these scar solutions. I hope these products and techniques work for you. Good luck with your scar management and recovery!



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