Congestion During Pregnancy – How to Ease Pregnancy Rhinitis Symptoms

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If you’re like me (and a million other pregnant women) you suffer from nasal congestion during pregnancy. Pregnancy rhinitis usually strikes sometime after 14 weeks. It is caused by hormonal changes during pregnancy that cause the lining of the nasal passages to swell. Hormones, combined with all of the extra blood running through your body, can lead to a very stuffy nose. And, the best part is that the symptoms tend to get worse as the pregnancy progresses. Great, huh?! But, as soon as you have you’re baby the symptoms should ease up and go away.

My first pregnancy I was lucky enough to have my allergies completely disappear and I didn’t suffer from any nasal congestion at all. This time around I wasn’t so lucky! I have had severe nasal congestion, still have allergies, and was also lucky enough to catch 4 colds (Toddlers…am I right?). Also, I had one of those colds develop into a sinus infection. So, unfortunately I have had to take allergy medication, and also had to take a round of antibiotics, which I really hate doing during pregnancy. But, you have to look at it this way, if you’re not able to breathe neither is your baby. So, my doctor assured me that it is better to take the medications than to deprive baby of any oxygen. Here is a list of pregnancy-safe allergy medications if you also suffer from allergies, but always check with your doctor before trying any medications.

Since I have suffered so badly with nasal congestion during pregnancy, I have figured out some products and tricks to help myself breathe a little better. Hopefully they’ll help others breathe a little easier, too.

  1. Breathe Right Nasal Strips

I mentioned these in my Pregnancy Sleep Hacks Post, but they have been a lifesaver for me! There are no drugs involved, and they open your nasal passages beautifully. I wear one every night while I sleep, and they have enhanced my sleep tremendously!

2. Sleep on an Incline

A little into my third trimester I just couldn’t sleep flat on my side anymore. Everytime I did, my nose would close up. So, propping myself up with my pregnancy pillow on my side has helped me breathe better. A wedge pillow or pregnancy pillow should help you sleep comfortably on a slight incline.

3. Use a Humidifier

A humidifier won’t reduce allergens in the air, however it will moisten the nasal passages to keep them from being inflamed. I like THIS Humidifier on Amazon, because it fits great on my bedside table, doubles as an essential oil diffuser, and looks nice too.

4. Moisturize Your Nasal Passages

It may help to use some petroleum jelly or balm to moisturize your nasal passages. I use the Honest Co. All Purpose Balm on the end of a cotton swab in each nostril.

5. Get Moving

I find that if I go for a short walk and get moving sometimes it helps my nose clear up for a little while. A brisk 10 minute walk shuld do the trick!

If you suffer from pregnancy rhinitis symptoms, I am so sorry! It isn’t fun, but at least it’ll go away once your little one arrives. Good luck!

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