How to Survive Working From Home with Toddlers or Babies

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If you’re working from home with toddlers or young children, you know the challenges well: distractions are consistent, meetings are often interrupted, and there never seems to be quite enough hours in a day. While working remotely is hard while raising children, there are a few hacks to make it easier. Read more for tips and resources to help parents work efficiently even if you have wee ones at home.

Allow for flexibility

Even the best-laid plans are usually somehow altered when you have kids. Children are masterminds at distracting you from your work, and the sooner you can become flexible, the easier it will be to cope. While it’s helpful to create a schedule for your workday, be sure to add time buffers to account for the unexpected.

Be honest with your colleagues about your situation, and request some flexibility in your responsibilities. Many employers will be understanding if you explain your situation and request some leniency.

Avoid housework during the workday

Working remotely is wonderful in many ways, but there are always distractions that lurk in the shadows. For example, if you have a lull in your workday, it may require a fair amount of willpower to ignore the laundry or dishes. However, jumping up to do chores in the middle of the day won’t help you be productive. Save chores for before or after work to avoid losing momentum in your workflow.

Childcare tips

Depending on the age of your children, you’ll be dealing with different challenges. For parents with babies, there are a few items that could make your remote working set-up a little easier. You may want to invest in a portable crib that you can bring into your office: this will help you keep an eye on your baby while they nap and allow you to get some work done.

Another helpful item is a baby bouncer or swing: if your baby is prone to crying, bouncers have the power to help soothe. If your baby is a little older, a jumping chair could be a great item to give you time to work.

Along with nap time, there are other times of day that you should be able to get some work done. Aim to work when your baby is calmest — typically during or just after a nap and after mealtime. Take advantage of technology and download a few apps on your phone that will make it easier to quickly respond to emails or make adjustments on a document. That way, you can tick off work tasks without retreating into your office constantly.

Working comfortably

One common joy of many remote workers is the ability to work in pajamas or loungewear. While it’s not a good idea to make a habit of it, it is a nice perk that you can wear whatever you want when you “clock in” at the beginning of each day.

However, if you’re a new mom working from home, you should try to put together outfits that are both comfortable and attractive, especially if you’re often on video conference calls. Shopping through Rakuten is a great way to save money on your purchases.

Working from home with toddlers or a new baby at home will take some getting used to, but with the right attitude and items, you’ll soon have a good routine that allows you some productivity without losing time with your baby. Come up with a flexible work routine and be sure to optimize the times of day when your baby is calm or sleeping. By using these tips, you’ll quickly adapt and find some normalcy while you work from home and raise your baby.

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