Pregnancy Sleep Hacks - How to Sleep Better During Pregnancy

Pregnancy Sleep Hacks – How to Sleep Better During Pregnancy

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During my first pregnancy, I went to an appointment during my third trimester and complained to my doctor about not being able to sleep. Her response? “Get used to it, because you’ll never sleep again!” Deep down I knew it was true, but I was hoping to at least be able to sleep a little better until my first baby showed up. This time around, I am probably sleeping worse than I was back then, but I have a few more tricks up my sleeve to at least be comfortable while I lay there awake all night.

1. Pregnancy Pillow

Unfortunately, not every pregnancy pillow is perfect for everybody. I have had two different ones, and neither really did much to help me stay comfortable. I find that a body pillow just seems to suit me and my body type better, but there are many ladies out there that swear by pregnancy pillows! The most popular pregnancy pillows according to most sites are:

  1. The Leachco Snoogle C Shaped Maternity Pillow
  2. The Queen Rose U-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow
  3. The PharMeDoc C-Shaped Body Pillow

2. Pee Before Bed

I know you have to pee non-stop, so going once before bed won’t help that much, but at least it will help you get a slightly longer stretch before you have to get up and go again. When you go before bed, remember to lean forward, to fully empty your bladder. The less you have in your bladder, the longer stretch of sleep you get before you waddle to the bathroom again.

3. Nasal Strips

If you’re like me, you are one of the lucky ones that has sever pregnancy nasal congestion. Breathe Right Nasal Strips have been a huge lifesaver for me. I was feeling like I just couldn’t breathe at night, so I was stressed that the baby wasn’t getting enough oxygen. These nasal strips help me breathe, and reassure me that baby is getting enough oxygen as well.

4. Sleeping Position

You are supposed to sleep on your left side during pregnancy to ensure your circulation is optimal and you and baby are getting enough oxygen. I find it really painful to sleep on my left side constantly, however you’re not allowed to sleep on your back. If I switch between 3 positions during the night, I tend to sleep a little better with less pain. Usually, I alternate between laying flat, knees bent, with my pillow between my knees. Then when that gets uncomfortable I stay in that position, but then prop the top half of my body up slightly so the pressure point on my hip shifts to a different location. Then last, I prop myself almost to sitting, facing forward with a pillow under my lower back. Repeat.

5. Don’t Eat Before Bed

When you eat before bed you are more likely to get acid reflux and heartburn, which we’re already very prone to when Pregnant. Try not to eat within a few hours before bed, to help avoid heartburn, but if you get it anyway, it helps to prop yourself up while sleeping or to sleep in a recliner if you have one. These WEDGE PILLOWS are great for propping yourself up while pregnant. They also work great wedged behind your back to keep you from rolling off your side and on to your back;)

6. Relax

My doctor suggested a magnesium supplement, and said it was safe for pregnancy and while I underwent IVF. Natural Calm has been great to just relax my nerves before bed and relax my muscles a little so I sleep more comfortably. (*Ask your doctor before trying any supplements during pregnancy.) Also, try an essential oil diffuser with a sleep focused essential oil or some lavender linen spray to help you fall and stay asleep. Just try to relax, and enjoy as much sleep as you can get before baby arrives!

7. Sleep When You Can

If all the above tips fail at night, just try to get as much sleep when you can. If possible, nap during the day or on the weekends. Just RESTING is better than nothing, so just do your best!

Whatever you try, I truly hope it works! Sleep is so important during pregnancy for both mom and baby. Just try to rest, ease your nerves and get as comfortable as you can. I know it isn’t easy and you’re bound to have sleep issues during pregnancy, but try to sleep while you can because before you know it you’ll barely be sleeping at all once baby arrives! Good luck!

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