Pregnancy Stretch Marks – The Best Stretch Mark Prevention Products

Pregnancy Stretch Marks – The Best Stretch Mark Prevention Products

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What Causes Stretch Marks During Pregnancy?

Doctors will tell you that pregnancy stretch marks are genetic, and you will either get them or you won’t. Most likely if your Mom, Sisters and Grandmother got them, then unfortunately you will too. But, I do believe there are ways to prevent pregnancy stretch marks or products that will at least lessen the appearance of them. It is said that the best way to prevent stretch marks is to drink a lot of water, and to gain weight slowly and at an even pace during pregnancy. That’s great, but unfortunately we can’t always control what our bodies do during pregnancy. AND, each pregnancy can be completely different than the one before.

Of course, try your best to not gain weigh too quickly, and definitely drink as much water as possible, but if it happens then it happens and there isn’t much you can do about it other than lessen the damage if you start to see stretch marks pop up. My theory is, if you keep your skin moisturized, it will stretch easier as your belly grows. And, if you start to see stretch marks pop up, these creams will at least help diminish them, get a head start on healing them for postpartum, and help prevent spreading. These top five pregnancy stretch mark products are a mixture of tried and tested by me and those around me, as well as products others tend to swear by.

My Top 5 Pregnancy Stretch Mark Products

  1. Honest Company Belly Balm – *UPDATE* This was my go-to stretch mark prevention balm for two pregnancies, but it is now discontinued! I didn’t get a single stretch mark using it for two pregnancies in a row. And, both of my pregnancies have been completely different than each other. Despite rapid weight gain in both pregnancies at different points in each pregnancy, the Honest Co. Belly Balm managed to keep me stretch mark free. The closest I can find to the ingredients in the Belly Balm, is the All Purpose Balm. So, that is worth a shot. Honest now offers even more bump care products than they used to. You can find all of Honest stretch mark prevention products, HERE.
  2. Honest Company Body Oil – This body oil was a great secondary stretch mark prevention product, and I still use it today. I used Honest Co. Body Oil every night with my belly balm. Then again in the morning, especially around my belly button where I was the most stretched. It is all natural and organic (check out my list of all natural beauty product safe for pregnancy HERE), and kept my belly moisturized throughout the day until I used my Honest Company Belly Balm at night. The Honest Co. website is also great because when you sign up for a FREE Rakuten Account, you’ll get cash back on all of your Honest Co. purchases. Sign Up HERE and you can thank me later!
  3. Bio-Oil – This stretch mark oil has rave reviews by Kim Kardashian and other celebrities. It is not all natural, however. But, it is proven to greatly help lessen the appearance of scars post-pregnancy, and been shown to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy.
  4. Burt’s Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter – I have not used this one personally, however I know many women who have that claim it really works. It is a cream rather than an oil or balm. The creaminess really helps relieve the itchiness of a growing belly. I’m sure it is amazing post-pregnancy as your belly shrinks down to size. Plus, it is a great all natural skincare product with only a 2 on the Think Dirty App.
  5. Body Merry Stretch Marks and Scars – This pregnancy stretch mark cream was part of The Bump‘s Best of Pregnancy Awards for 2018, and it also has amazing reviews from actual mamas on Amazon. It claims to be cruelty free and pregnancy safe. It is wonderful at preventing and minimizing stretch marks during and after pregnancy.

I hope one of these pregnancy stretch mark creams works for you. Remember to try to drink enough water, exercise well and eat a healthy pregnancy diet. I started using my belly balm before I even knew I was pregnant during the IVF process. If you start moisturizing before your skin even has to stretch, it will help. I also use my pregnancy stretch mark products on my belly, sides, butt, breasts and inner thighs. Use it wherever stretch marks are prone to show up. There are plenty of other products out there that all claim to work, so if one of these products above fails, then try, try again! Every body is different. Good luck!


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