Healthy Pregnancy Snacks and Pregnancy Meals on the Go

Quick and Healthy Pregnancy Snacks and Pregnancy Meal Ideas on the Go

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Pregnancy is such a crucial time in our lives to do our best to eat healthy. We need to nourish our growing babies and also nourish our own growing bodies! We want to feel our best throughout each trimester. Of course there are going to be days that we are so busy that we HAVE to eat out, or find something quick and easy to grab that may or may not be as healthy as we would like. And, when it comes to pregnancy, hunger prevails! So, instead of having to pick something from a menu, why not have some healthy pregnancy snacks readily available?! That way you are more likely to make a healthier choice when it comes to snacking.

And, on days you’re in a rush to get out the door, why not have some healthy pregnancy meals ready to grab and take with you. Here are some ideas for quick and easy pregnancy snacks and pregnancy meals on the go for those days you just don’t have time.

Healthy Pregnancy Snack Ideas

Vital Proteins Collagen Bars

These delicious Collagen Bars are great on the go. The Collagen in them not only provides an extra 10 grams of protein, which we all know is vital during pregnancy, but the Collagen could help prevent stretch marks!

RX Bars

I’ve talked about RX Bars before, and how much I love them. They have very few ingredients, and about 12 grams of protein per bar. We all know how important protein is during pregnancy. (Click Here to find out how to get more protein into your diet.) Plus, a few of the flavors are definitely sweet enough to kick your sugar cravings! And definitely healthier than a candy bar.

RX Nut Butters

A shot of flavored nut butter is a great way to get protein, healthy fats and a salty sweet fix mid-morning or mid-afternoon. Flavors like Honey-Cinnamon, Vanilla and Chocolate, these nut butter RX Bar spin-offs are delicious and great to keep in your purse or desk at work to enjoy with an apple or on a rice cake.

Mama Chia Pouches

These Mama Chia Pouches are a sweet, superfood snack that are perfect for having on hand in your bag or desk for when you just need something. Chia Seeds are a Pregnancy Superfood (find out more about Pregnancy Superfoods HERE), and they give you a boost of fiber to help ease any pregnancy constipation (Click here for more Pregnancy Constipation Remedies). So, instead of grabbing a candy bar or chips, these pouches are fruity sweet and chock full of superfoods to hold you over until your next meal.

Mixed Nuts

Mixed nuts are the perfect healthy pregnancy snack. They’re salty, sweet and chock full of healthy fats, minerals and vitamins. Plus, nuts are a great source of protein and fiber, which are both crucial during pregnancy. These mixed nut snack packs are tasty, and easy to have on hand or grab on the go

Healthy Pregnancy Meals on the Go

Yogurt with Fruit, Nuts and Seeds

Have washed berries on hand to throw into a yogurt cup with some chia or pumpkin seeds and you’ve got a sweet breakfast or afternoon snack that is full of protein, calcium, antioxidants and healthy fats that will keep you full.

Chia Pudding

I love this Basic Chia Pudding Recipe from Eating Bird Food. You can pretty much add anything you want to it to match what you’re craving. Nuts, berries, coconut flakes, and even chocolate are great options! You can even add collagen to them to boost their protein content! Make a batch on Sunday and you’ll have breakfasts or a healthy pregnancy snack ready to go for the week.

Overnight Oats

I eat Overnight Oats a lot during the week. And, depending on the craving, I eat them from breakfast or a snack! Add chia seeds and collagen to make it a SUPER filling, pregnancy-friendly meal. Make a batch on Sunday in individual jars, and they’re ready to go for the work week. I like this basic recipe that you can add any Pregnancy Superfood Mix-ins depending on what you’re craving or theres tons of Overnight Oat Recipes on Pinterest.

Protein Box

These are easy to meal prep, and have on hand to take with you throughout the week. I love the protein box from Starbucks! But, it is so much cheaper and more customizable when you make them at home. Protein Boxes include 4-5 small servings of healthy pregnancy snacks. Typically, they include some grapes or berries, a hard boiled egg, some cheese, and some form of nuts or single serving of nut butter with a few crackers. Hummus and veggies with some nuts and crackers is also a great idea. There are a million options, and they are all very searchable on Pinterest.

There are so many options for on the go pregnancy meals and snacks. When putting a snack or meal together, just try to focus on whole, un-processed foods that are good for you an baby. Check out my posts on Pregnancy Superfoods and How to Get More Protein for more ideas on foods to include in your snack and meal prep. To make it easy, there are also a ton of Meal Prep Containers on Amazon to help you pack healthy meals and snack options for the week. Feel free to add some of your favorite healthy snack ideas and meals on the go in the comments below! Happy snacking!

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