The Best Free Ovulation Apps for 2019

The Best Free Ovulation Apps 2021

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Trying to get pregnant, or avoid getting pregnant for that matter? These Ovulation apps make it easy to track your period, and figure out when your body might be most fertile. Even if you’re just trying to track your cycle and what might be going on with your body, these fertility apps will help you track symptoms and figure out timing so you know when to expect your next period to show up.

Apps cannot replace your doctor, but they can give you insight into any symptoms you might be experiencing, and help you stay on top of your family planning. Most apps offer alerts and reminders to ensure you log your information, so it will all be readily available to share with your doctor at your next appointment.

There are a ton of Fertility Apps and Ovulation Apps out there, but here are a few of the highest rated and customer-approved apps.

  1. Flo
Flo Period Tracker App - The Best Free Ovulation Tracker Apps 2019

The Flo Ovulation Tracker and Period Tracker App is probably the #1 Ovulation App out there. It has incredible customer reviews, currently ranks #5 in Health and Fitness Apps in the App Store, and has been featured in Vogue, Women’s Health, Glamour and more. I love this ovulation app, because it isn’t only an ovulation and fertility app, but once you’re pregnant it turns into a full week by week pregnancy app! AND, it even has postpartum settings to help you during that difficult and crucial time in life. It is chock full of information, reminders, and gives you daily health insights. Upgrade to the Premium version for more personalized insights based on your symptoms, detect physical and emotional patterns, and to download a report for your doctor. This app is comprehensive and accurate.

2. Ovia

Ovia Period Tracker App - The Best Free Ovulation Tracker Apps 2019

Ovia began as just a pregnancy app, but their fertility and ovulation app is just as helpful and chock full of information. I have used the Ovia Pregnancy App for two pregnancies now, and I love their week by week information and daily emails about my baby’s growth and which symptoms I should expect on a weekly basis. They also offer a parenting and postpartum app that I plan on using once baby gets here. The Ovia Fertility and Ovulation app is extremely user-friendly, users claim it is extremely accurate, it allows you to track anything you could possibly imagine including fitness and wellness, and offers a ton of fertility and ovulation information. I also appreciate that it has a Non-TTC mode that is simply for tracking cycles for those not trying to conceive. BUT, if you are trying to conceive you can sync the app with your partner to stay on track and pregnant faster. It also integrates with Apple Health and Fitbit.

3. Life Period Tracker

The Life Period Tracker App is one of the most customizable ovulation apps on the market, and also one of the prettiest. The monthly calendars are sleek and easy to read, and the app allows you to keep an eye on your nutrition, fertility, fitness, and sleep as well as your cycle. The app has no ads, easy data export for your doctor, and is private since you don’t need to enter your email address during sign-up.

4. Clue

Clue Period Tracker App - The Best Free Ovulation Tracker Apps 2019

I used the Clue Period Tracker App to get pregnant with my first baby. It was easy, straight forward, and taught me that I have a longer cycle with a luteal phase defect. I was able to show my doctor data from over a year of tracking, and it eventually led to me getting pregnant. The app is simple, offers some great reminders, tracks every symptom imaginable, and offers a great online community that is chock full of health information. Additionally, the app partners with Oxford, Stanford, and Columbia medical facilities to bring the latest scientific information on menstruation to its viewers. It’s smart, simple and free to use unless you opt-in for the premium version for only $.99 a month.

5. Eve

Eve is a period tracker app that doubles as a sex app. The app predicts when your period should show up, and the longer you track, the smarter the app gets. What is nice about the Eve Period Tracker app, is the user community where you can ask personal questions and get answers and advice from other users. Eve is part of the Glow community of apps. It is free to download and use, however if you decide to upgrade to the premium version you will get comparative insights that compares your symptoms to other users’, a custom profile, private messaging and more.

There are a ton of ovulation and fertility apps out there that work wonderfully. I hope you find an app that works for you and your needs! Good luck on your journey!

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