The Best Baby Registries - Where to Register in 2019 - Which Registries Have the Best Perks

The Best Baby Registries – Where to Register for Baby in 2021

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If you’re expecting, you might also be expecting a baby shower at some point in your pregnancy! The best part about a baby registry is choosing all of the fun and adorable things to go on it, but where do you start? What are the best baby registries with the most perks? I have used Babylist for both of my pregnancies, and truly loved it. But, I also registered for items from all of the other websites I share below. So, here’s the breakdown of how each website works, and why it is one of the best options for you to choose to create your baby registry.

The Best Baby Registries

Target Baby Registry

Baby Registry Target

Target is probably one of the most popular baby registries sue to the adorable baby clothes they carry, wide range of baby gear by brands you know and trust, maternity clothes, toys, diapers and more. You can find everything you need for you and your newborn (as well as some fun gifts for the parents! Hello Keurig?!) all at your favorite shopping spot that you typically go to once a week anyway!

Unlike Amazon and Babylist, when you register with Target you actually get to go there and see and touch the products you are registering for. This is a big plus for many couples, especially first time parents that may need some extra assistance while choosing baby registry items. Plus, while you’re there you can stop by guest services and pick up your free welcome gift, which is chock full of coupons and samples for you and your new baby. You can also register online without having to step foot in the store.

On top of the ease and familiarity of registering with Target, you receive a hefty 15% completion discount on any items still left on your registry. Plus, they allow you to return that unopened wipe warmer you never used up to A YEAR later, where most other registries have a 60 day return policy. Target also offers a universal registry option that allows you to add gifts from anywhere you choose. Some other perks of Target’s Baby Registry is the ability to customize your registry page, a registry app, gift tracking, and the ability for people to go in on group gifts together for high ticket items. It truly is an incredible baby registry tool.

Amazon Baby Registry

Amazon is an incredible resource for the best baby registry items. You can find anything from bottles and diapers, nursery furniture, maternity clothes and all of your breastfeeding and breast pump supplies. And, the best part is that you can find these things all under one roof and fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Another great thing about a baby registry on Amazon is that it is a universal registry. What this means is that they have a handy browser tool that you simply download to your browser toolbar, and it allows you to register for items on websites other than So, you can add absolutely anything you want to your Amazon baby registry. If you can’t find the crib you want on Amazon, simply go to the website you want and add the crib to your Amazon registry with the click of a button!

Also, after your shower, Amazon offers a substantial completion discount of 10-15% on everything that’s left on your baby registry list. If you sign up for Amazon Prime you’ll qualify for the full 15% discount; otherwise, you’ll get the default 10% discount, which is still a great discount. Also, gift tracking and returns are super easy, with Amazon’s 24-7 customer service. But, what is my favorite perk about the Amazon Baby Registry? They’ll send you a nice little welcome box full of sample baby products and items that will be nice to have on hand once baby arrives. Overall, Amazon is an incredible registry that is flexible, convenient, and comes with some great perks!

Shop Amazon – Create an Amazon Baby Registry

Babylist Baby Registry

Babylist Baby Registry Reviews

Babylist is a Universal Registry tool that allows you to add gifts from any website to one registry. They also offer many of the same products to purchase through What makes this Universal Registry different, though, is that you can add products for other websites. AND, you can also link registries from other websites! So, if you are registered at both Babylist and the Target Baby Registry, you can show both registries in the same place for guests to browse.

The registry page is customizable with a photo, message and due date, and there is the ability to order insert with your registry link on them to insert into your baby shower invitations. Like Amazon, Babylist offers a 10% completion discount and a great Hello Baby Welcome box full of goodies for your little one that you will receive if you include at least 3 products from the Babylist store and 3 products from outside websites. My favorite aspect of the Babylist baby registry though, is the personal “favor and task” coupons you can register for. Babylist allows you to register for things such as Home Cooked Meals, A Dog Walk, A House Cleaning and other meaningful things your friends and family can sign up for to help you out once baby arrives. So meaningful!


Buy Buy Baby Registry Checklist

I registered at BuyBuyBaby with my first pregnancy, and linked my registry there with my Babylist Registry. Not only do they have EVERYTHING you could possibly need for your baby, but their registry process is easy and I LOVE all of the 20% off coupons they send you via email and snail mail. (Insider Tip: The coupons you get in the mail never expire when you use them in the store, so save those up for your next trip to the store!)

The Buy Buy Baby Registry is very similar to Target. You get a free welcome goody bag, 15% off completion discount, and access to all of the best baby brands in-store or online. But, there are some differences to note. Buy Buy Baby also offers a registry analyzer tool that makes sure your gifts stay balanced, so there is a good variety of price ranges for guests to choose from. They also give you the ability to ask friends and families for suggestions to add to your registry, which is a great tool for first time parents. The Buy Buy Baby Registry is simple, fun to use, and up there with the best of them!

So, whether you are a first time parent, or a well seasoned veteran, these are (in my opinion) the best baby registries. There are plenty of others, but these top baby registries all you to add items from any other website! There really is no other option. But, let me know in the comments below if I missed one. Stay tuned for more posts on the ultimate baby registry checklist, how to save BIG on your baby registry checklist with Rakuten Shopping, as well as what you really need to register for when it comes to baby number two. Happy Shopping!

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