The Best Ovulation Monitors on Amazon

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Whether you are trying to get pregnant or trying to AVOID getting pregnant, we have gathered some of the best ovulation monitors on the market. The ovulation monitors on this list are all the most accurate, easy to use, and easily found on Amazon.

What is an Ovulation Monitor?

An ovulation monitor, also known as an ovulation predictor kit or a fertility monitor, is a device that helps women track their ovulation cycle. It detects hormonal changes in the body that indicate when ovulation is about to occur, typically by measuring levels of luteinizing hormone (LH) in urine. By pinpointing the most fertile days in a woman’s cycle, ovulation monitors can help increase the chances of conception for those trying to get pregnant. Or, it can be used as a way to avoid getting pregnant, so you know not to engage in sex with your partner around ovulation. These monitors are especially useful for women with irregular periods or those undergoing fertility treatments..

Why use an Ovulation Monitor?

Using a fertility monitor can be incredibly beneficial for women who are trying to conceive. These monitors track various fertility indicators, such as basal body temperature, hormonal levels, and cervical mucus changes, to pinpoint the most fertile days in a woman’s cycle. By identifying these fertile days with greater accuracy than traditional methods, such as tracking menstrual cycles alone, a fertility monitor can significantly increase the chances of conception. Additionally, for women with irregular cycles or underlying fertility issues, a monitor can provide valuable insights into their ovulation patterns, helping them understand their reproductive health better. Overall, using a fertility monitor can empower women with knowledge about their fertility, optimize their chances of conception, and potentially shorten the time it takes to achieve pregnancy.

The Best Fertility Monitors on Amazon

1.Femometer Fertility Ring – ($50 Discount Coupon on Amazon)

This is by far the coolest, and most useful fertility monitor we could find. If you have heard of the Oura Ring that tracks your sleep habits, this amazing piece of technology goes a step further to track your basal body temperature and fertility. The Femometer Smart Ring is like having a tiny fertility detective right on your finger!

This sleek looking ring tracks your body temperature and sleep patterns, giving you the lowdown on when you’re most fertile and most likely to conceive (or when you should avoid sexual activity to avoid getting pregnant). Just sync it up with the Femometer app to track the data and get alerts for when it’s go time. It’s comfortable to wear and super stylish, making it a fun and easy way to keep tabs on your ovulation and sleep. Say goodbye to guessing games and hello to a smarter, more informed fertility journey with the Femometer Smart Ring!

2.The Inito Fertility Monitor

The Inito Fertility Monitor is simple to use, and one of the more accurate monitors on the market. It simply works with your iPhone to track your hormone levels throughout your cycle so you can pinpoint your most fertile window. It has glowing reviews on Amazon and across the internet. One customer praised its accuracy, noting that it helped them pinpoint their fertile window with precision. Another customer highlighted its ease of use, mentioning that the device’s simple design made tracking ovulation effortless. Additionally, several customers appreciated the monitor’s ability to sync with their smartphones, allowing them to track their fertility data conveniently. Overall, customers were impressed with the Inito Fertility Monitor‘s reliability, user-friendly interface, and effectiveness in helping them conceive.

3. The Daysy Fertility Tracker

The Daysy Fertility Tracker is like having a fertility expert in the palm of your hand! It is basically a smart basal body temperature thermometer that works with your smart phone. This innovative device uses your basal body temperature to pinpoint your fertile window with an impressive accuracy of 99.3%. By simply taking your temperature each morning, Daysy learns your unique cycle and can predict when you’re most likely to conceive or when to expect your period. It’s easy to use, non-invasive, and hormone-free, making it a natural choice for women looking to understand and track their fertility. Plus, with its sleek design and convenient app integration, Daysy is the perfect companion for anyone on their fertility journey.

4. Mira Fertility Monitor

The Mira Fertility Monitor is a game-changer for women trying to conceive. This innovative device tracks your hormone levels with clinical-grade accuracy, giving you valuable insights into your fertility window. Mira uses actual hormone data to pinpoint your fertile days, increasing your chances of conception. With its easy-to-use app, you can view your hormone trends over time, helping you understand your unique cycle better. Whether you’re just starting your fertility journey or looking for a more accurate way to track ovulation, the Mira Fertility Monitor is a reliable and convenient choice.

5. The Kegg Fertility Monitor

The kegg Fertility Monitor stands out from other fertility trackers with its unique approach to ovulation tracking. Unlike traditional monitors that rely on basal body temperature or urine or saliva samples, kegg uses vaginal mucus to detect ovulation with unparalleled accuracy. By measuring changes in electrolyte levels in your vaginal secretions, kegg can predict ovulation up to 7 days in advance, giving you a better chance of conceiving. Additionally, kegg provides personalized insights into your fertility health, helping you understand your cycle better. With its user-friendly app, you can easily track your ovulation data and receive real-time updates on your fertility status. If you’re looking for a more precise and reliable way to track ovulation, the kegg Fertility Monitor is an excellent choice. Plus, it helps exercise your pelvic floor muscles which is important for pregnancy and postpartum.

Above are the most technologically advanced ovulation trackers. If you want a simple but effective way to track fertility, simply use ovulation tests and a basal body thermometer. You can write down your results every day in a notebook or track them in a app like Clue to help figure out when you’re most fertile. Have you used any of these methods above? What did you think?


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