The Foods for Fertility IVF Meal Plan

It’s Here: The Foods for Fertility IVF Meal Plan

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It’s finally here! I have been working on this meal plan for almost a year (partially due to adjusting to life with a newborn and a toddler…. and now two toddlers.) I have compiled all of my research that I did during my infertility journey into one solid meal plan and guide to help others achieve IVF success like I did.

Let me take you back. I underwent IVF with my second child due to being a Fragile X carrier with fertility issues. We got 7 eggs from my egg retrieval, 4 of those fertilized, and 2 of those were genetically ‘normal’. So, I had two chances at IVF success. My first transfer failed. I had one last chance. With my last chance at IVF, I decided to go all out and do everything I possibly could to make the little guy (we knew it was a boy) stick! I did EVERYTHING! You can read more about my successful transfer HERE. But, I did not want to have any regrets if it failed again. I wanted to know I did everything I possibly could to prepare my body to accept this special opportunity. So, I did my research, changed my habits, and for an entire month before my embryo transfer I followed this meal plan, took it easy on the exercise and listened to everything my doctor and acupuncturist told me.

So, here it is! All of my IVF Diet research in one simple meal plan. This IVF meal plan is flexible, stress-free, and delicious. I hope it helps you, like it helped me! Good luck!


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