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The Ultimate Baby Registry Checklist – Free Printable Baby Registry Checklist

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Registering for your first baby can seem like a pretty daunting task to most new moms. The Ultimate Baby Registry Checklist includes everything you need for your new baby, items to splurge on versus save on, and also a few things that would be really nice to have even though you don’t necessarily need them. I also wanted to include some postpartum items that you’ll be grateful to have on hand when you get home from the hospital. As an added bonus, I made this Ultimate Baby Registry Checklist printable, so you can Print It Here, and I also included links to my most favorite items on the checklist that I don’t want you to miss out on. So, here we go with the Ultimate Baby Registry Checklist!


Where to Register for your Baby Registry

I love the convenience of the Amazon Baby Registry. But, I wrote a whole post on the Best Baby Registries that you can check out HERE. Anywhere you register has perks, it’s just a matter of preference and what you really want for your baby. This Ultimate Baby Registry should help you decide.

The Ultimate Baby Registry ChecklistPrintable Baby Registry Checklist

Click to Print the Ultimate Baby Registry Checklist

My Favorite Must-Haves from the Ultimate Baby Registry Checklist

Diapering Baby Registry Favorites:
  1. Playtex Diaper Genie – Word of advice – you can definitely save on a diaper pail. Don’t buy the most expensive one out there, because at some point they all STINK. We ended up throwing ours out after about 5 months, and pretty much every other mom I have talked to did the same thing. They’re necessary for those newborn weeks when you’re changing diapers every 2 hours throughout the night, but once baby starts using less diapers and you’re changing it less often it can get really smelly. So, in my opinion, just get a basic diaper pail that does the trick until you’re done with it. This thing is amazing. Just step on the pedal, throw the diaper in, and you’re done. It comes in 5 colors, takes up little room, and keeps odor at bay. These Amazon Refills are cheaper than the Playtex Refills.
  2. Triple Paste – Hands down the best diaper rash cream on the market. I would have one paste/cream and one jelly/ointment on hand, as you never know what will work best on your baby.
  3. Diaper Subscription – A diaper subscription service is SO nice to have. I was gifted 3 months worth of diaper bundles from The Honest Company, and it’s just so nice to not have to think about running to the store to buy more diapers every time you run out. Amazon offers a Subscribe and Save option on diapers as well. I really loved these Earth and Eden Diapers.
  4. Fawn Design Diaper Bag – I have tried many a diaper bag from Kate Spade to just a shoulder tote, and the Fawn Design Diaper Bag is by far the best. Easy to wipe out, hands-free backpack style, the perfect amount of pockets, and big but not too big. I. Love. It.
Bathtime Baby Registry Favorites:
  1. Baby Shampoo and Body Wash – I mentioned this clean, baby-safe and pregnancy-safe brand in my All Natural Beauty Products for Pregnancy post, but I absolutely love it. It comes in a lavender scent, its affordable for how much you get, and it lasts forever.
  2. Infant Bath Seat – This Bath Seat for newborns is easy to keep clean, sits right in the tub, and it’s only $19.00. Plus it looks a lot like many of the more expensive newborn bath seats.
  3. Skip Hop Moby Bath Accessories – I love this line, and have the grey rinse cup and faucet cover. It’s cute, the kids love it, and it lasts a long time before getting dingy. Also love this non-slip bath mat that you can hang after a bath.
Health Baby Registry Favorites:
  1. Forehead Thermometer – This has saved me on nights as a worried mama with a sick baby. The best part about it is that you don’t have to wake up the baby to check their temperature in the middle of the night. Mine has been accurate, and I’ve even used it to test how warm the room is to make sure baby doesn’t get overheated.
  2. Humidifier – I included this in my Congestion During Pregnancy post, but I love it. It works well, fits on the bedside table or dresser, and looks nice too.
  3. Newborn Health and Grooming Kit – I have used every single item in this Newborn Grooming Kit. The nose bulb, nail clippers, and medicine cup have been especially useful as well as the carrying bag that I keep all health essentials in when we travel including the forehead thermometer and some Children’s Tylenol.
Baby Toys to Register For:
  1. Teethers – These freezer teething toys are BPA free and are great to keep in the freezer and get them out as baby needs them. These Frozen Breastmilk or Fruit Teethers are AWESOME, as well.
  2. Play Gym/Activity Mat – This is a necessity. Get one for tummy time and use it from day one.
  3. Baby Crinkle Paper – Just trust me on this one.
Baby Nursery Registry Favorites:
  1. Waterproof Changing Pad Cover – Easy to wash, and leak-proof. I add THESE on top, since they’re easy to switch out during a change if needed. Or there is a wipe-clean changing pad. THIS ONE has a built-in scale to keep track of baby’s growth.
  2. White Noise Machine – I LOVE the Dohm White Noise Machine. Ours worked great with baby number one, is moving on to baby number two, and it still works perfectly. I also love this Travel White Noise Machine that connects to your phone and also plays lullabies. It is super compact, but works great on trips for Mom and Dad, too.;)
  3. Sleep Sacks – The only sleep sacks I used for baby number one were Halo Sleep Sacks. We started using the newborn velcro swaddle the day we got home from the hospital and graduated to the regular sleep sacks and wearable blankets until she grew to big for them. Sleep sacks are a trial and error thing. Sometimes you need to try a few different ones out to see which work best with your baby. My second only liked THIS ONE as a newborn.
Baby Gear Baby Registry Favorites:
  1. Pack’n’Play – If you’re going to get a travel crib or pack’n’play, get one that will meet each stage of your baby’s life. I have one that includes a portable bassinet, changer and two levels of mattress. Each set of grandparents also have one. They’re amazing, because you won’t have to travel with your bassinet during the first few months, and you won’t have to worry about changing your baby on the bed.
  2. Stroller Organizer – I haven’t seen a better stroller organizer or cup holder out there. This holds two drinks, has a detachable zippered pouch for when you want to take money with you on a walk or jog, and holds an amazing amount of stuff while staying out of your way.
  3. Baby Carrier or Wrap – Personally, I couldn’t get into the baby wraps. It was too much fabric. I used the Ergobaby Carrier. But other mamas love the Baby K’Tan. It comes in different sizes, is great for petite and short mamas, and it doesn’t have all that fabric that you have to figure out how to wrap. It is also breathable with SPF protection.
  4. Baby Bouncer – This is also a necessity! You need somewhere to put the baby down if you need to. THIS ONE is very popular, but pricey. I like the look of THIS ONE, and it is much cheaper.
Baby Gift Favorites:
  1. Gift Cards – Register for Gift Cards at multiple stores and at Amazon, so no matter where you register you will still have options to find everything you need and pick up any last minute items.
  2. Baby Book – Don’t forget a baby book! It may seem like a lot of work to keep up, but you’ll be happy you have it and so will your baby one day.
Feeding Baby Registry Favorites:
  1. Bottle Drying Rack – The Boon Lawn drying rack is my favorite. I have the largest one, and don’t think I would ever get one smaller. I also have two of the tree accessories. They look cool on your counter, and are great for pump parts and wine glasses, too. 😉
  2. Disposable Placemats – These are AMAZING. When your baby is able to sit in a high chair at a restaurant just stick these to the table and you don’t even need a plate. You can wrap it over the table edge, so they don’t touch the dirty table at all. When you’re done, just peel it off and throw it away! Plus, they’re BPA, PVC, Phthalate & Lead Free.
  3. BibsThis Travel Bib stays in my diaper bag at all times. It wipes clean and rolls into itself, so it is super easy on the go!
Baby Safety Registry Favorites:
  1. Baby Monitor – I actually don’t have this monitor, however I dream of having it! Whichever monitor you get, if this is your first baby and you plan on having more kids in the next couple of years, make sure you can easily add more cameras to your monitor. We currently use a series of Amazon Echos in each room, and use the drop-in feature to listen to the kids.
Baby Clothing Registry Favorites:
  1. Onesies – I highly recommend at least 1 pack of these plain white onesies in both Newborn and 0-3 Months sizes. These packs match any pants or baby accessories, and they come in long sleeve or short sleeve depending on season.
Nursing Baby Registry Favorites:
  1. Milkscreen Strips – These test strips easily detect alcohol in breastmilk. So, if you go out to dinner and maybe have a couple glasses of wine, simply dip one of these in the milk you just pumped to see if it’s alcohol-free and safe for baby.
  2. Nipple Balm – This nipple balm works wonders! It’s one of the only nipple butters that worked for me, and it’s safe for baby to ingest. It’s great on your lips, too!
  3. Nursing BraTHESE are the most comfortable nursing bras! There are a ton of options on Amazon.
Hospital/Recovery Baby Registry Favorites:
  1. Foldover Maternity Pajama Pants – I just ordered these in black for my scheduled c-section coming up, and they are SO soft and comfortable. The waistband can be worn up over your scar or down under your belly. They would be amazing whether you’re having a c-section or not. Plus, they’re only $20!
  2. Postpartum Compression Leggings – These postpartum and nursing support leggings are wonderful. I actually wore these well into my pregnancy as well, but these will be great for helping my belly shrink down while supporting my weak core after having my baby.
  3. Hospital Robe – I love these matching hospital robe and baby swaddle bundles! They are the perfect baby shower gift that any one of your guests would love to get you. Plus, they’ll look great in pictures!
Favorite Baby Registry Extras for Both Parents:
  1. Coffee Maker – Get yourself one of these coffee makers for middle of the night, early morning, and pretty much all hours of the day. You can thank me later for the instant fix and much needed energy.
  2. Meal Delivery Service – This is a HUGE help for new parents. It’s hard enough remembering to eat let alone cooking a healthy meal for you and your spouse. I really like Freshly since the meals are delicious, pre-made and healthy.
  3. Amazon Prime Subscription – When you need something, but can’t leave the house! And, it includes a million movies and shows on Prime Video and but they really comes in handy during middle of the night feeds and pumping sessions!
  4. A Newborn Photo Session – Priceless.

That’s it! Whatever you decide to register for just cover all your bases, make sure there is a good range of prices for baby shower guests to choose from, and feel confident in what you’ve chosen for your baby. Happy shopping!


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